Vera Vera’s carrot cake beats Bobby Flay tonight

Vera proved whose cake is real winner. Her carrot cake bring the glory. Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver announced the winner: “Great overall carrot flavor. I like the icing although it’s a little bit, not quite as southern as what I’m used to. We pick “B”! [Stewart]“

Vera tells WJBF: “I hope this is going to open many other doors for more people to learn about Very Vera.” Vera’s website says of the cake showdown tonight “It’s a battle of the carrot cakes on Food Network’s Throwdown withBobby Flay.” Vera was also featured in Oprah’s O Magazine in April last year for her popular Strawberry Layer Cake.

Originally she thought she was baking for a cake show, but Bobby came in, surprised her, and challenged her.
Very Vera’s Vera Stewart beat Bobby Flay tonight. It was a Vera Vera’s carrot cake showdown on Throwdown with Bobby Flay Wednesday; in the end.

Jiahh seberapa enak si kue wortelnya? :mrgreen:

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