Traveling around the world

It will be an interesting memory of our life, if we can visit some beautiful places at around the world. Because there are much fabulous scenery that we can see in other place of this world. If we can get there, we can feel the different atmospheres and panoramas outside there. London, New York, Rome and Prague are the best places to be visited.

Those cities are definitely as famous tourism destination. If we are traveling to those places, we may feel new sensation of life. For example in Prague, we can found several museums with its beautiful architecture. One of the well-known museums there is called Franz Kafka.

Rome also has same unique conditions as Prague. These two cities are familiar with its historical sites. Many ancient buildings we can found there. Watching the perfect area will spoil our eyes.

On another place, the famous cities like New York, Dublin, and London offers different sensation. We can find any nightlife such as clubs, cafes, restaurants and pubs. Shopping centers are also found at several area. The cities look like never die. And caused of the cities offer all that we need or a good accommodations, we may not to be worried if we are traveling to those place for a several days. Just to call for London hotels, Dublin hotels, Rome hotels, Barcelona hotels, New York hotels, or Prague hotels.

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  • sayah pengen ke jepang waaaaa…. entah kenapa saya kok obses banget yah ama tuh negara?

  • yudi

    @ fenfen

    waktu kecil pernah sekali, trus someday pengen lagi
    bareng yuk fen hehe…

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