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Me and my friends like to play tennis. We usually play tennis on weekend at rented court next the city hall complex. We’re not professional players, we just play for fun. We just love to play this game. But i think that we’re pretty good at it, and we’re getting good from time to time, because we always practice and improve each others technique. Even though we’re not professional tennis players, but we wears serious tennis gears. Many of us, like myself, have professional tennis equipment. From rackets, shoes, apparel, even band wrist. We really are serious on our tennis equipment. We even imagine ourself were superstar tennis players; like Federer or Nadal. I know it may sounds silly but that’s just us, a group of mid 20’s guys, who wants to looks good on tennis court.


One day one of my friend in that tennis group John called me after dinner. He said he wants to take me to tennis store to find himself a new tennis racket. His old ones are already broken, and it already loose it’s balance. So it’s definitely can’t be used anymore. That’s why he wants me to accompany him to tennis store to help him pick his new tennis racket. Well instead of saying yes, i gave him the address of a great tennis online store, where he can finds, browse, compare, and order online of any tennis equipment he wants. He can finds rackets, tennis shoes, tennis apparel, tennis strings, tennis bags, tennis balls, or any related tennis accessories related to tennis.

Later on after he opened the site himself, and called me again, and still wanna ask my opinion. He asked whether he should buy Wilson tennis rackets or New balance tennis shoes. I just laugh hearing his question. And i said, “Why don’t just buy them all, they completely different items. One is racket, one is shoes. And you’re gonna need them all.” He laughs and hangs up on me. He just needs to change his head rackets into a new one. That way he can save up to buy his new tennis shoes.

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  • I like tennis very well and still looking for the good racket for my collection such federer racket k-factor and etc. Maybe you know online store or offline store in Jogja where i can find it? Wanna play with me? please email me ok?

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