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Blog is a media to share your thought with your articles, you can easily make a Free Blog from thoughts.com, having a blog from this site you can get many benefit such as: upload your photo, video, add more friend to your blogroll, chat with other user on the chat forums and many more, make a blog is just need a simple steps, its only need between 5 to 10 minutes to set up your blog, you can start to apply for free at thoughts.com, you just need an active email address.

After you have setup your blog you can share your opinion about something, about your hobby, politic, entertainment or just share your experience in your articles, its really fun, nowadays blog is very familiar with everyone, starts from kids, teen, house wife, even politician make a blog to share their thought and idealism, blog also used for personal branding and sometimes blog used for make money online, cool isn’t?

Make a blog from thoughts.com also give unlimited band with, you also can protect your privacy and setting restricted for public, so your blog only can read by your friend or just by yourself, Interested to make a blog?, then start apply and invite your friend to make blog at this site too.

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