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Communication with customers is very important thing for marketing division of most modern company. Because this can be straightly affects to the selling target. Moreover, communication with customers will build a good relationship between company and their customers and then make a loyal buyer community. So, the company’s financial stability become awakes for long terms.

In the online company, communication with customers is usually using email marketing tool, which can send several newsletters or email offers instantly. This is more efficient than sending email one by one for each customer with the same email contents. is the online company that provides email marketing solution, not only for companies but also anyone who’s want to use email to sending mass email message. Because their email marketing service can be used for variety purpose, such as surveying, pooling, political campaign, and of course company marketing.

About 15.000 customers and 100.000 users use their service, range from small business to Barack Obama campaign for President. With their experience in last five years on this business, gave the customers and users comfortable and trusty services.

Now, they offer trial service for 15 days on their site with just sign up as their member. By this trial service, the prospect customers can evaluate in enough time before decide to use their service permanently.

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