Credit Card processing Service

Credit card transaction is often more secure than other forms of payment with the commit of issuing bank to pay the merchant the moment the transaction is authorized. In some cases, credit card even more secure than cash because they discourage theft by the merchant’s employees and reduce the amount of cash on the premiers. That is why if you are a business owner, you have to consider this tool as your transaction media for a more convenient and safer way. from Flagship Merchant Service offers you credit card processing services to most business types. You will get one of the most competitive programs in the industry supported by priority customer support 24 hours everyday in 150 languages. You will also get the benefits of the largest credit card fraud, lost prevention and chargeback departments in the credit card processing industry.

This website provides you one-stop shop from all your processing needs from the establishment of your merchant account to the technology of advanced credit card machine and LinkPoint Secure Gateway with expertise and reliability to enable you as a merchant to accept credit cards, debit cards and checks at the point of sale, over the internet or anywhere else.

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